Drilling into gelcoat/fibreglass

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Drilling into gelcoat/fibreglass

Post by Meneyin »

I need to drill a run of 12 mm holes for lighting on my fly steps. Clearly this has the opportunity of getting messy, and splintering. What is the learned view of best way to minimise damage (apart from not doing it at all).

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Re: Drilling into gelcoat/fibreglass

Post by Roberta »

I would use the correct size Forstner bit. It will cut the cleanest hole.

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Re: Drilling into gelcoat/fibreglass

Post by Bill Edmundson »

Also, tape over the cut before the cut.

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Re: Drilling into gelcoat/fibreglass

Post by TAB »

If the surface is flat ish you could also use a router with a collet and the correct sized hole. Or a 12 mm plunge bit on a plung router.

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