Rust on Wheels

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Rust on Wheels

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Last summer before the Gathering I had my drum brakes & hubs replace with disc brakes. Good move. I saw a good amount of rust on the wheels. I keep the boat down on the coast, So, it is exposed to a lot of salt. Yes, I try to rinse it each time.
Anyway, this is how you fix it.

1. Soap and Pressure Wash.
2. Power Brush and Sand as much lose rust off as you can. Going to bare metal is not needed.
3. Blow off the lose rust and damp dust.
4. Solvent wash.
5. Coat the rust with Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer (CPES).
6. Solvent wash.
7. Mid-coat of epoxy paint.
8. Top-coat of Polyurethane for UV protection.

This is what we used at coastal power plants and offshore rigs.

Rust is usually not as bad as it looks. Rust is 10 time thicker than the metal was!

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