Online trailer sales?

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Online trailer sales?

Post by Adrock1 »

So I'm not too far from needing a trailer for my overniter build and am starting to research options. I don't weld or have much in the way of metal working equipment so I'm not going to build my own.

I've scoured craiglist in the hopes of finding a hidden gem but no luck. Lots of rust buckets or trailers that come with an old beater boat that would cost nearly as much as a new trailer.

I was hoping I could get some prices on a new trailer online but that seems all but impossible. Nobody posts prices.

Am I crazy to think that there aught to be a company out there that has a website where I can just order a trailer? Does such a thing exist?

I need a galvanized trailer with bunks for a 16' outboard. Needs to have a load capacity of about 1,500-2,000lbs. Any recommendations if I decide to go new?

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Re: Online trailer sales?

Post by specialk »

I bought mine from Charleston Trailer... call Rod 843-801 2507
I called up and down the east coast... he was the first person that seemed like he cared... about the customer... I will buy my next trailer for my new build from him also..!
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Re: Online trailer sales?

Post by kens »

Ace Trailer, Tampa Fl.
Tampa is a hotbed of trailer builders.
Several have a presence on Ebay, I got my Ace trailer off Ebay, plus a few extra options.
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