GERONIMO - bending forward batten question

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GERONIMO - bending forward batten question

Post by bobinpowayca »

I've got one side on, and am installing the bottom battens in preparation for the bottom planking. I'm using two sheets of 3/8 okoume and doing the forward piece first. What I need to do now is kerf the batten, and from what I've read, use a pan head machine screw thru the batten, secure that to a turnbuckle underneath, so as to be able to bend the forward end of the batten down and out of the way in order to fasten the forward piece of ply. So I got the turnbuckle and wire but have a question.
Any advice on connecting the machine screw to the top hook of the turnbuckle?
I'm trying to think of a piece of hardware that would screw onto the end of the machine screw that would provide a hook or link so I can hook the turnbuckle onto it, or fasten a wire to the end of the machine screw. Can't seem to find something at the depot to make this link! Thanks, Bob
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Re: GERONIMO - bending forward batten question

Post by gdcarpenter »

Don't know if this will help. I had vertical strong backs or stiffeners on the top side of my battens. I anchored a piece of hardwood across the building jig then ran long (gutter attachment) screws up through the piece of hardwood I anchored to the frame to 'pull' down the batten prior to installing the bottom ply.
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Re: GERONIMO - bending forward batten question

Post by jprice »

I went with a little simpler approach.
I just wrapped bailing wire around the battens and down to a hook on the base of the form, then used a spanish windlass type attachment to tighten it down. And yes, I did have to kerf them to get them to bend easier. After the ply was attached, I just had to crawl underneath, cut the wires and pull them out. (this was the pre-fit attempt, prior to kerfing)

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Re: GERONIMO - bending forward batten question

Post by rbrandenstein »

It looks like I bolted a link of old chain I had laying around to form a loop I could hook onto.
After the bottom was attached it cut off the bolt with an angle grinder.
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