Malahini in West Virginia

Designs for inboard or outboard power

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Re: Malahini in West Virginia

Post by obd »

I have been admiring your mahogany veneer work. I was interested to know if you ended up using the clear contact paper approach per Bob Smith, the tie down ratchet straps for clamping vs some other clamping technique, and how you ended up lining off your hull. Beautiful work! Bob

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Re: Malahini in West Virginia

Post by sscobra »

Crankie, I did not see your posts a month ago about using the interlux stain then applying epoxy over it. I am probably too late in replying but in case it is not too late, don't apply epoxy over the interlux. The interlux stain is oil based and epoxy won't stick to it. If you let your stain dry for weeks it might appear that the epoxy will stick to it but I wouldn't want to trust it. What I found that works is applying CPES (Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer) by Smith over the interlux stain, letting it cure for about 4 days, and then applying the epoxy. In fact you probably could skip applying the epoxy and go right to applying the interlux perfection clear if you would prefer not to use the epoxy. The CPES is very thin and it will penetrate the stain and mahogany and seal it. I applied system three epoxy over the CPES and then applied the interlux perfection and it worked perfectly. I used the epoxy because I wanted the added scuff protection it provides. Skip
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Malahini Outboard Motor Size

Post by crankie »

Need to start searching for a engine for my Malahini, do not plan on towing skiers or high speeds, but would like to have the boat on plan in relatively short distance. would a 50 HP be to small? what is the average weight of a finish Malahini?

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Re: Malahini in West Virginia

Post by gdcarpenter »

I would venture to say that my ZIP (baby brother to the Malahini) is among the lightest ZIP's out there. It weighs in under 800 pounds fully loaded for a days outing, that's with a full size battery, 6 gallon cruiser tank, and all the safety gear. My engine is also particularly light, spec'd at about 135 lb, much lighter than current engines. It's a 1959 Mercury Mark35A, (35 HP).

I run 30 MPH at 5,600 RPM with a 3 blade, 10" pitch, 10" diameter prop, and if I put on a 3 blade, 9" pitch (cupped) prop I give up 2 MPH at the top end but come out of the hole amazingly fast.

I would guesstimate your Malahini coming out closer to, or over, 1,000 lb. A 50 HP would likely be a good all around engine, balancing fuel economy and performance. I believe there is a Malahini out there with a 90 HP!
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Re: Malahini in West Virginia

Post by crankie »

Thanks for the reply and information, I think you questamation of 1000 lbs. will be about right.
Could other chime in with recommendations or experience with Malahini engine sizes?

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Re: Malahini in West Virginia

Post by rbrandenstein »

I would tend to think a 50HP is a little on the low side. It will work, however.
I had a 1975 Mercury 650 which seemed a good size. It was a little noisy and smokey, so the Captain didn't like it.
I found a used Yamaha 70HP four stroke, which is very smooth and quiet, plus Captain approved. Although the extra weight tends to make it sit a little tail heavy. It cruises on plane at about 22mph and will hit 33 or so if needed.
If you go with a heavier engine, I would consider trying to get your fuel tank and battery mid-ship or farther forward to help balance the boat.
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Re: Malahini in West Virginia

Post by ian bell »

Hi Cranky . If you read the original spec's on the Malahini it say's upto a 85 hp outboard short shaft or a long shaft with a modified transom . love your build

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Re: Malahini in West Virginia

Post by crankie »

Thanks for the advice, I will consider the gas tank and battery positions. I have not posted updates for a while but flip was complete and now working on interior. As far a engine go where have you found good deals on "slightly used" engines (private sellers, Marine deals)?
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Re: Malahini in West Virginia

Post by Iggy »

Hi there Crankie!

As a fellow Malahini builder I fully recommend adding the spray rails. Our boats don't have the compound curve front's of the strip-planked hulls, so waves don't get redirected back down but rather battered away. The spray rails will keep you a lot dryer, and it might help pick the boat up to plane faster as well.

I had both my battery and by large gas tank under the splash well in the aft. It ran fine but would sit low in the water, most of that was because I have a very heavy 90 HP Mariner on the transom. I moved my battery to the front last summer, it rides a touch better, sits a bit better, so that's my recommendation. My battery is between my footwells under my transom now. Easier to pull out in the winter as well. I used 4ga booster cables to extend my battery to my engine.

As far as motor size, my 90 HP gets me to plane at a quarter throttle, pulls my two kids on a big tube no problem. 40mph is my top GPS speed.. bouncy at that speed but still fun as hell, for a little while.

If I had my options I'd go for a 65 HP instead, something a bit lighter but with enough power to tow a skier in the back.
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