Exhaust Tube Question

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Re: Exhaust Tube Question

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I used SS elbows and wrapped them with heat wrap from my local hot rod store. They work fine. Also note that corrugated exhaust hose is quieter due to its ability to absorb exhaust pulses and the ribs act as mini baffles. The effect is to dampen the higher frequencies and reduce the annoying "bark".
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Re: Exhaust Tube Question

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A fellow Monaco builder down under used mufflers on his PCM343 engine, these were from Eddie Marine. Might be worth a look.

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Re: Exhaust Tube Question

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I used these mufflers
https://www.ebay.com.au/i/390375664090? ... dispItem=1
They didn't have stanless internals but the guy made some with stainless internals for an extra $10.00 each . He will also make larger sizes.
no effect on performance and reduced decibells from 98 down to 70 (measured @3000 rpm between exhaust outlets 1 metre away)
I welded them onto the stainless pipes and they are only 1/2'' larger than exhaust tube in diameter

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