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The Admiral has agreed that the Desperado would be the best boat for us but it will need minor modifications. The first modification will be a simple one since it will be adding a bimini top. The second one should also be easy since it is the addition of a swim platform and I will be building it as an IO. The third one may not be as easy since I would like to reduce the length by roughly 10% resulting in a 16.5' version without changing the beam. I am not sure if the last modification is a great idea but it would make the build fit the available space better.

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Re: Desperado

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Hi Duggie, welcome back!

It's curious that neither the website nor the paper catalog makes any mention of shortening the Desperado (just the choice of 18 or 19'). I never noticed that before.

Looking at the hull shape, I don't see why the design couldn't be shortened and stay fair like a lot of the other designs listed. The only thing that I took note of is that you'll want to keep the aft ends of the inner lift strakes (closest to the keel) the same distance from the transom as it shows for the 18' version. Other than that, I don't see any problems with doing it. Of course Gayle and the folks would be able to tell you if there was.

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Re: Desperado

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Feel free to call the Glen-l office. They should be able to advise you whether or not shortening is a good idea. Good luck with your build!

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Re: Desperado

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I've been trying to think of what problems would be caused by shortening a design and I can't come up with any that would make it impossible. If you keep weight distribution balanced I don't see a non-starter.

I second what was said before, get in touch with Glen-L through phone or email. Gayle has been very responsive to all my questions and i'm sure she would be happy to help you out as well.

Just in case you were wondering, after talking with Glen-L and getting their recommendation on shortening the design, I would adjust the spacing of the frames between the Stem and Transom an even amount. This is the same way you would lengthen a design, just backwards. I don't know how many frames are in the Desperado, but shortening by a foot could mean as little as scooting in each of the frames an inch or two.

Edit: Just re-read again and saw that you're building as an I/O. The I/O takes up deck space and since you're shortening the design there is even less deck space. Just double check that the shortening doesn't make seating too uncomfortable.
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Re: Desperado

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The turn of the chine and sheer will be tighter in the shorter boat. You might need to laminate those members and go with thinner plywood and an extra layer to make the bend...or not.

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