Downunder Monaco Utility

Designs for inboard or outboard power

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Re: Downunder Monaco Utility

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Looks great! Congrats!

Stay Safe with the fires; they suck.
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Re: Downunder Monaco Utility

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Will sure be some great memories for the little ones. I still remember riding in a steam powered, covered launch when I was about four years old (I’m 62 now).

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Re: Downunder Monaco Utility

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Your boat looks great!


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Re: Downunder Monaco Utility

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Thanks to all for the encouraging words.
Does anyone have experience with rudder design.
The current rudder i'm using is very deep, and is causing the boat to lean when cornering.
Im considering cutting and reshaping it so it lower edge is in the same axis as the prop shaft, like in the books.
Any suggestions??
P.S the fires are all but over, we had massive floods come through this week and buckets of rain have all but extinguished them.

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