Tiny Might engine option Ford l6 or jet?

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AZ Alan
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Tiny Might engine option Ford l6 or jet?

Post by AZ Alan »

I own Falcons, (3) , all with inline 6 cylinder 170s and 200 ....I read somewhere that a builder installed 170 in his Tiny Might. The engine is right at 385#s right at Max for this hull. The plan is to stretch the boat a foot, and I am asking for advice of using my Ford motor??? If any one first hand experience..

Other wise . After seeing a UK build I could also cut up a Seadoo and jam a. Jet in the Tiny Might , in rear with cockpit up front...... making the Ford word could be more hassle than the end results will yield, but it's a motor sitting here with no current use.

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Re: Tiny Might engine option Ford l6 or jet?

Post by BillW »

Well, I am not an inboard guy at all, however my first thought would be the exhaust manifold for the Ford.

Was there ever a water cooled marine manifold for that engine? If so, that would be my obvious choice.

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Re: Tiny Might engine option Ford l6 or jet?

Post by Roberta »

being able to marinize the engine would be the prime concern. Check parts availability and transmission fitups before doing anything major.

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Bill Edmundson
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Re: Tiny Might engine option Ford l6 or jet?

Post by Bill Edmundson »

You will also need a sealed alternator and starter. Probably another CAM also.

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Re: Tiny Might engine option Ford l6 or jet?

Post by PeterG »

Pretty sure there were marine versions of those I6's to use for examples. I've seen a wood Correct Craft with one though not sure if Ford or Chevy. Marinizing adds a raw water pump, a transmission like a velvet drive with an adapter housing, water cooled exhaust manifold, maybe another cam for the right power curve and reverse rotation, marine starter and alternator, marine fuel pump and carb. Not a small project, don't want to scare you off but these are the details to consider when converting an auto engine for boat use. It can be easier if you have a donor marine engine to work with.
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