Bo Jest

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Bo Jest

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Greetings everyone,

My Bo Jest specs and GPS verified performance results:

-Boat was stretched 3 feet
-Volvo diesel MD2020 three cyl. 19 hp
-Volvo MS2AD 2.4 to 1 ratio gear box
-Three blade bronze 14 x 11 left handed prop (was 14 x 9 but it turned out to be not enough so it was repitched to 11)... This is dead on, now the motor gets up to 3600 RPM and no smoke

-@ 3600 rpm she does 7.53 knots
-@ 3000 rpm 5.9
-@ 2200 rpm 5.0 knots
At reasonable rpm fuel efficiency is excellent, a must considering cost of fuel here.

Interesting fact I learned during the test:
Tied to a dock and pushing against it the motor came up to 3000 rpm only. Aparently forward motion of the boat reduces the load on the motor enabling it to spin 600 rpm faster.

Forward control is great, can spin on a dime. Reverse performance less than ideal, prop bites good and brakes fine but the boat is slow to respond to rudder command. Side pull is minimal.

Before repitching the prop, performance was poor all around. Speed was approx. 2 knots lower and motor was a lot noisier.

Overall, I am extremely happy with performance and love the boat. In a way I am sad the build is finished.

Will post some pics of Island Girl under way when I can get some one to shoot some.
Until then,

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