Tunnel Mite Questions

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Tunnel Mite Questions

Post by weasel »

I have just ordered the Tunnel Mite boat plans and all the stuff to get started. I have a nice 6 HP Evinrude motor. I bought from a guy that had it stored for years and it is really clean and hardly used. I tried it on my 14 foot aluminum fishing boat (just me in it) with fishing equipment (anchor, battery, tackle box, oars) in it and it ran great. I weigh 200 lbs. Is this going to push this Tunnel Mite along okay to have some fun for my first boat. I have been looking at larger motors, but this 6 hp is paid for already LOL.

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Re: Tunnel Mite Questions

Post by vupilot »

Judging from this video of a 9.9 powered Tunnel Mite I think you will want more than 6hp. On the other hand 6hp beats paddling though. :D

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