Gentry performance

Report the performance of your boat, supply as much information as possible (weight, HP, prop, speed, etc.).
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Gentry performance

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Well, got some hours on the Gentry now and have some results and opinions to share.

First. Weight loaded to go with 15 gallons of fuel and all personal equipment, lines, fenders, etc., is 2266 lbs.

With the Ford 351W with some cam tweaking, 4 barrel Holley, Edelbrock manifold we estimate around 300 HP.

With 13 x 13 3 blade prop with slight cupping top speed is just under 50 mph. After 40 is just not comfortable. The boat literally becomes air born.
25 to 30 is a comfortable cruising speed and the cockpit, though tight when built to plan is comfortable. (I would try to get it a little longer but the fuel tank was already established). Lots of splash but not considering rails yet.

The boat is a blast out of the hole! When you hit it at 25 it jumps!

No mufflers as yet (no room!) so it's noisy.

Fuel economy is roughly 5 mpg (Imp.)

Doesn't like to turn but I didn't add the skeg that was on the donor boat. Otherwise handles well. Lots of wake at low speed (I've been TOLD)

Doug Harrison "Thumper"

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Re: Gentry performance

Post by Roberta »

Sounds like the Torpedo. The trim tabs really tamed her down. I added a fin on the keel. Steering is pretty good.

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Re: Gentry performance

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slug wrote:No mufflers as yet (no room!) so it's noisy.
We didn't have space for mufflers, so we installed Gibson Transom Mount Power Tip mufflers.
The silencers reduce decibel ranges and surpass the 88db limits required by the California SAE J2005 Motorboat Sound Law without compromising power. They're expensive but they're legal at idle and don't take up much space.
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