Let's be silly or maybe not!

Report the performance of your boat, supply as much information as possible (weight, HP, prop, speed, etc.).
Subject: Make the Glen-L design name the subject. If the design already has a posting, add your information to that post.

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Re: Let's be silly or maybe not!

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Ok I understand what you are saying, marinize, large seawater pump, heat exchanger, exhaust manafolds, bell housing, gearbox maybe power glide? Manafolds and bell housing we can fabercate, there will be more things but can get over them. Large flex coupling I have in stock new! I have had 25 years :lol: the bad bit 100gallons an hour for fuel! But resell value will be more because It would look old IMO. I have a issue I hate plywood. So I would build in solid wood in the UK boats where built of agba strips, maghony hot or cold moulded in the 60s, and used for power boat racing i had one! The boat would have to be trimmed in leather! Lots to think about! One big plus No computers!

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