Zip with a 1997 25hp merc

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Zip with a 1997 25hp merc

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My zip is roughly 900 lbs. I did not build it light, i put all sorts of non essentials in it that i wanted regardless of weight, 100lbs. Of stereo gear, full planked deck, full planked floor etc. Todays tests were very surprising, I am running a 1997 mercury 25E (25hp two stroke) with myself and three kids onboard our total combined passenger weight was 540.4 lbs. The zip planed quick with a top speed averaging 24-26mph depending on wind direction, it was very calm water with little wind (great day to test) WOT 5400 rpm (max rated 6000) i am running the prop that came with the motor (see attached pic of prop before paint) i was hoping the 25hp would work, it has met or exceded all of my expectations, i will be keeping this merc on my zip! Good speed, good performance, quick plane time and light weight (motor weighs 115 lbs.)
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Re: Zip with a 1997 25hp merc

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Great to hear, joshuab! I'll post this in the "How Fast" section of our site:
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