Super Huck tritoon question

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Super Huck tritoon question

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I have been studying the specs for the Huck and Super Huck awhile now. I've pretty much decided on the Super Huck design. I want to a tritoon model with the center toon longer aft with the motor mount included. I'm actually going to build a standard pontoon boat layout with a 10' beam and an upper deck. My question is: has anyone built the center toon with the motor mount? I've searched but can't find the pertinent information so far. The boat will be used on rivers and lakes, no ocean use. I'm also concerned about the hp rating and wonder if I could reinforce the motor mount for more capacity. The Super is rated for a Max of 60 hp. I have access to either a 100hp or 125 hp motor. Thanks for any help, comments, information etc. This is a great forum!
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Re: Super Huck tritoon question

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I'm not aware of anyone adding a third pontoon to a Super Huck but the Freeman's have added one to our Mark Twain:

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