Extend the Minuet 10%???

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Extend the Minuet 10%???

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I have taken the leap, purchasing and receiving the plans for the 15' Minuet this week. Purchased a small fortune in tools and will be making another tool purchase in short order. I've located a lumber source here in the Albuquerque area which should be able to manage the hull and cabin materials. I will be sourcing the sails and associated hardware from Glen L. Somewhat daunting, I'm the guy who built the bench which stood at a 45 degree angle 31 years ago in wood shop... I will be taking my time with this. If it were steel, I would have no fear whatsoever...

My intent is to extend the hull 10% commensurate with similar designs. Perusing the plans, I see no mention of being allowed to extend the hull this amount nor prohibited from doing so. Would someone be able to chime in here as to whether this is would be prudent? And if so, would I need to move the centerboard aft the necessary amount to put it in the center of buoyancy???

Thank you for any and all help!



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Re: Extend the Minuet 10%???

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I do believe I spoke to you on the phone and alas had to rain on your parade! We don't recommend changing the length of a sailboat and Ken Hankinson did a good job of detailing why this is: https://www.glen-l.com/changing-plans/
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