Motorwell angle modification?

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Motorwell angle modification?

Post by parsj1957 »

The Sweet Caroline that I'm building calls for 12 degree angle for the motor mount in the motor well.
I've read that while 12degrees has historically been the preferred angle, many folks are now suggesting a 15 degree angle to allow for more 'negative' angle to get up on plane if running heavy. In fact the Tolman skiffs recommendation went from 12degrees to 15 degrees. I'm at the spot where I'm about to cut the motor well sides (which set the angle) -- any thoughts on doing this modification?

Thanks J.

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Re: Motorwell angle modification?

Post by Roberta »

It wouldn't hurt to increase the angle. I had little adjustment on my Merc 500 on a Zip. And wished I could increase the bow down trim. Trim tabs help, but wouldn't be necessary with more flexibility. I was up against the trim stops on the Zip. Increasing the angle will allow better trimming options.

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