Can I shorten a Tahoe 23?

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Can I shorten a Tahoe 23?

Post by Nickolaus »

Both the 19' and 23' Tahoe's accept 15" of lengthening, but conversely can you take 12"-15" out of the Tahoe 23? The Tahoe 23 has an 11.3% wider beam and supports larger displacement of water in additional to its length from the Tahoe 19'. I have Tahoe 23 plans, but would love to get the build around 21'6" (from its 22'9") and maintain the wider beam (hence starting with the 23). I have an all aluminum LS3 Engine I am using, which is about 155lbs less than the conventional all iron Small Block Chevy. The hope is that the weight savings will be net with the water displacement loss. Since I would be losing anywhere from 12"-15", the plan is to shift the drivers cabin forward up to 4", shortening the two front rows 2"-3" each, and lose 3-4" of legroom on the rear seating.

My question is to see if this seems logical and achievable. My work space accommodates both sizes, however making it 21'6" is substantially more comfortable and maneuverable since the build will take place in my 3-car garage.

I am going to model it in SolidWorks to help understand how much it displaces in its original designed form, weight balance utilizing standard all iron small block chevy, and then modify it with my proposed changes with the same percentages of weight distribution from front to back at various distances from the original datum.

I would love to get some feedback from everyone who has done similar things and has a vastly better understanding than I.

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Re: Can I shorten a Tahoe 23?

Post by Hercdrvr »

I never noticed the beam is wider on a 23 ft Tahoe, more beam is great. I like your plan, I’m all about building the biggest boat your build space will allow. My 2 cents about shorting it 18 inches is, it will be beautiful !
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Re: Can I shorten a Tahoe 23?

Post by TomB »

A couple of thoughts.

The frames are spaced at 24". I would not mess with the spacing forward of frame 7 where all the bow stuff happens and the motors stringers end (also the traditional dash location.
hull inside.jpg
So maybe you take 2" out of each frame spacing from transom to frame 7? That takes 6" out of the double cockpit, 4" out the engine area and 6" out of the rear seat/fuel tank. Since the center of buoyancy is under the engine most of the displacement changes would balance fore and aft.

In the home stretch on a Tahoe 23

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