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Ski King

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Hi everyone,

I am from the Netherlands and I just got my plans for the Malahini (16' outboard) and the Ski King (15' inboard). I am still examining the plans and in the end I would like to build one of them.

A small boat, a combination of a Malahini seating area and an inboard motor like the Ski King. That would be ideal. But the motor needs the be compact and behind the seating area. Perfect for going through the canals of Amsterdam but also to go on lakes and small rivers.

For now I will focus on the Ski King. If the option for the Ski King is to difficult I will go for the Malahini design with an outboard.

At first I had the thought to stretch the design of the Ski King with 10%. Which is possible according to the plans and Glen-L. I wanted to stretch the boat to be able to move the back seating in front of the motor. So all the passengers are together, like in a Malahini. Looking at the plans and working it out on the computer, I'am guessing this is impossible. Even if the 10% stretching is all done in the "cockpit", between the steering wheel and the motor. Maybe it is possible with an smaller electric motor. But it could be that it will be "popping out" between the seats on the back row. The housing of the electric motor could be used as a table. But for this option you need to go electric and this is pretty expansive.

The second idea is to just have one bench in the front of the Ski King. Stretch the boat 10% evenly between all the frames (this will make it 16'6"). and have a sunbed on the back of around 6' - 6'4"(ca. 180 - 190 cm) not to much sunbed so you will still be able to see some WOOD:). between the seating and the bed and the bed and the transom. I still need to look at the exact proportions. Or two narrow sunbeds with still some wood in the middle as well. This makes that there is plenty of space for the motor behind the seating and underneath the sunbed. But the motor still needs to be accessible somehow. One sunbed could be like a hatch??

This last option will also make it easy to upgrade to an electric system later on, because there is plenty of space available for batteries and so on. I am guessing that electric will become mandatory in a lot of places in Europe the coming years. Amsterdam 2025 for example.
Well, still so many options.

But for now the main question is, if it is easy to stretch a Ski King around 10%?

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