jet powered flying saucer

About using jet ski motors to power small boats

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jet powered flying saucer

Post by mr.rong »

I love the jet powered squirt projects that a few members have built and was planing on building one myself but I think I'd like to have alittle bigger boat. So I was thinking of doing a jet powered flying saucer converted to a single cockpit. So as a novice I reach out to the experts and do you think I would have any problems doing a jet powered flying saucer? The hull weight is about 70#'s heavier than the squirt and going to a single cockpit would curb the weight of extra passengers.

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Re: jet powered flying saucer

Post by jamundsen »

Maybe put a slightly larger motor in it. Should work just fine.
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Re: jet powered flying saucer

Post by BulldogBoater »

I think it would be a nice setup. To be totally honest, most of the jet-powered Squirts you see on the forum are WAY overpowered anyway. Who needs to go 45 mph in an 11 foot boat... I think any of the mid to upper HP setups would be just fine.

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Re: jet powered flying saucer

Post by upspirate »

Also, most of the Jet Squirts are stretched to get more room....the Saucer is already the right size!

I think it's a great plan.

I also wonder why no body has built maybe a Zip or Malahini using one of the jet boat units instead of the PWC units??They make some big HP units for those.

I know there was a twin engine PWC powered Zip just posted on Glen-L's Facebook page, but haven't seen a Merc-Sport Jet powertrain yet

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Re: jet powered flying saucer

Post by JasonG »

If I was to build a frame boat for jet ski power it would be the flying saucer.

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Re: jet powered flying saucer

Post by jeffh »

I posted this earlier today or yesterday, but my lake neighbor showed up with a new SX210 Yamaha boat. That thing was nice and has two engines. I'd like to see someone use that type of power in a woodie. My Malahini has a higher top speed, but that Yammy is just nice and cuts through the chop with ease. It just ain't a woodie and someone needs to address that.
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