Jet Power...

About using jet ski motors to power small boats

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Jet Power...

Post by Paintguy »

Firstly, my first post so hello to everyone on here, really hoping someone can answer some questions I've got because no where else can! and my project is going to fail :(

I've just bought a 13ft speed boat, and really want to "Jet" power it, reason being
1) The price of outboards are mental vs the cost of getting a car engine and doing afew bits to it all of witch I know how to do myself
2) I don't know how to maintain or repair an outboard at all really
3) I can get more power for my money inboard than I can outboard

So being inboard I have the choice of stern drive or jet drive... stern drive is just as much as an outboard forget that.

So... jet drive... I'm dead set on it.

Only problem is jet ski's dont have enough HP unless I spend 1000's on a mental one to rip apart, so I found this website
Totally crack on, I'ed use a Ford Zetec 2.0 engine instead of a Rover V8 though, sorted I thought, thats how to do it... Only to find out Hamilton no longer make this jet pump and havent done for 15 years, and trying to find one is impossible.

So I'm pritty much bust for ideas now... the only other jet pumps I can find that I dont need to use a jet ski engine for is crazy 300hp+ things that are twice as much as a 150hp outboard :P

Why does noone make a small simple jet drive like Hamilton used to?

Edit: Just found this, made by Mercury exstally what I want but a horizontal shaft not vertical and without the engine on top, witch just makes it as costly as an outboard... Even red the specs and thats 120hp AND it goes at 5000/5500rpm not 8000/9000 like a jet ski pump does. What am I missing why can't I find a resonable jet drive that likes 5000rpm 130/150hp just like the Hamilton one, and the bottom part of the mercury one?

Many many thanks If anyone can help at all, I'm desperate now.


Re: Jet Power...

Post by upspirate »

If you are worried about cost, the outboard is cheaper in the long run.

Fuel consumption on a jet is very bad.

The motor you there a marine conversion for it?

Post pic of your boat....oh ya,welcome!!!

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Re: Jet Power...

Post by Mr Hot Rod »

Welcome to the Forum !

Posting your location in your profile would let everyone know which part of the world you're from :
UK builder Rupert is building a diesel powered jet Mist Miss. He's using a Castoldi water jet from Lancing Marine.
You'll find a link to the jet unit in this thread :
Enjoy your project and don't forget to post some photos along the way !

Paul Kane Chelsea, PQ

Building the Glen-L Hot Rod :

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Re: Jet Power...

Post by Paintguy »

Thanks so much for the replies chaps.

Will change location to UK, sorry about that!

I'll get some pictures of the boat up soon. At the moment its just been stripped and nearly all sanded down in 240 gritt, back to the orginal gelcoat, going to matt/resin in the many holes in the dashboard and places I don't want, bit of gelcoat and I'll treat this LIKE bodyfiller, finish it in 240. Prime the lot in a non-porous primer, something like Epoxy something or other I guess (I'll have a look at some data sheets at work) flat that down then on with some solvent base and 2k clear. I spray cars for a living, so this part of the project is the easy bit.

As for economy... I bet its going to be fairly bad but, I'm hoping by using a 2.0 Zetec it wont be toooo bad, its hard work getting less than say... 18mpg out of this engine in a big saloon car (Ford Mondeo) even with the day lights ragged out of it constantly. I used to have sometime ago now a 100hp Mercury outboard, and it used to drink biiiiig time, the 2.0 zetec has to be at least slightly better.

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Re: Jet Power...

Post by Kiwicanfly »

Hi Paintguy
A project such as yours is not to difficult. Go to you will find all you need to get going in the projects section. Rover 3.5 v8 engines make one of the best jetboat engines as the power to weight ratio is very good.

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Re: Jet Power...

Post by fergal butler »

Here is a jet drive that might do you. ... 500wt_1156

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