Dyno-Jet ??'s

About using jet ski motors to power small boats

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Dyno-Jet ??'s

Post by shuckymomo »

I've decided to build the Dyno-Jet and have a couple of questions...

1) How do you graft the intake onto the hull? Or is it laid out in the plans?

2) I'm looking for about 40-45mph. What size CC motor do I need? Would a 800 to 1000 work? I weigh in at about 275 right now.

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Re: Dyno-Jet ??'s

Post by JasonG »

Grafting the pump into the hull is not laid out in the plans- its something that you will have to engineer.
I can't help with perfomance numbers but i will tell you that you are somewhat limited by the size of the engine compartment. By my best estimation, about 41-42" is about the length limit of the drive train (including exhaust).
Keep an eye on my dynojet build thread in the powerboat section. I am about to start my pump installation

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