Gathering Weather!

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Bob Maskel
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Re: Gathering Weather!

Post by Bob Maskel »

Those of you that toyed with the idea of staying longer but decided to head out made the right decision...I haven't left the dock since Saturday afternoon, and today is the worst of them all for rain. Heading out tonight...see ya...

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Re: Gathering Weather!

Post by switherington »

I had to leave early for family reasons. It was great to see everyone, though. What a great group!! Can't wait til next year!
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Lewis Barrett
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Re: Gathering Weather!

Post by Lewis Barrett »


Sorry the weather didn't work out for you. 2 days cruising the Tennessee river would have been fun.

Have a safe trip home.


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Gayle Brantuk
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Re: Gathering Weather!

Post by Gayle Brantuk »

Bummer Bob. Yes, I thought about you as we were driving to the Atlanta Airport and it was pouring. Well, maybe some forced R&R is what you needed!
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Dave Grason
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Re: Gathering Weather!

Post by Dave Grason »

Sunday afternoon, Bob Maskel, Dwain Colton and I stayed near the cabin all day. And Bob's right. It rained a lot but it didn't stop us from enjoying the place one bit. That lake is JUST GORGEOUS and the rain just gave it a little different mood.

The old saying really rings true:

"A bad day at the lake is better than a good day at work."

I so did NOT want to go home. I finally got off my lazy tail and headed home around 6pm.
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Re: Gathering Weather!

Post by thudpucker »

I drove south West from the lake for two hours. Mostly in light rain but occasionally a little harder.
I'm sure glad I didn't stay to fish in my little Open Row boat. :) Camping n' fishing in the rain is OK as long as the Temp is well above freezing.

The only thing I'd miss in Bob's boat would be a Cabin heater with a good blower.
I thought of making one to scavenge the heat off the engine and blow the hot air up into the cabin to do two things.
Warm me up first and foremost.
But it would dry things up considerably up in that cabin. Keep that moisture from developing on the windows etc.

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Re: Gathering Weather!

Post by Jimmy70 »

Boy I took off at 11:00 Sunday and headed for Bethel, NC and for 560 miles it drizzled and then poured all the way. I still made good time getting home and only then 35 miles from the house did it stop for a bit. I just got the boat back under the tent shelter and here it came again. It is still raining here today too. Course we can use it around here as it has been real dry for to long.

Enjoyed the time there and sure hope I can make the next one comming up G5. I have dozed off and on all day here so far and I miss my old buddy Tom already. He sure is a kick in the butt and has endless stories to tell. Good to see him after 31 years but I told him not to wait for the next 31 as I sure as hell won't be here...

The crowd was great and so was the food.
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Re: Gathering Weather!

Post by kens »

I left about 1pm, and saw 3 overturned vehicles before getting past Chatteennooggaa. Saw 2 cars completely stalled in center lane of interstate, saw 4 more cars wrecked and still upright.
I was worried that some of us may be involved on their trip too. Sounds like we all made it home.

I had to stop twice and park on a hill to drain water from the boat. Took me 9 hours for a 6 hour drive.
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Re: Gathering Weather!

Post by vupilot »

You all should have driven north. 30 minutes in light rain and then clear sailing (rimshot) from there up to Indy.

Glad you all made home safe, hope everyone else does as well.


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