What awards are given at the gathering?

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What awards are given at the gathering?

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Just out of curiousity...what are the award categories given out at the gathering?
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Re: What awards are given at the gathering?

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There aren't planned catagories. Awards are to be fun depending on what happens. They are madeup on the spot! Everyone is the winner.

Who could plan a "Wet & Wild Award" for a kid taking a small hydro-plane out in cool weather, on a rough lake and getting soaked?

How do you do a best of show for a fishing boat versus a mahogany runaboat?

It is all for fun! :D

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Re: What awards are given at the gathering?

Post by BruceDow »

I hope I am not divulging any great secret, but I think that the "Secret Awards Committee" just makes things up as they go along.

When they see something "neat", "different", "cute", or possibly "embarrassing", they make up a new award.

I don't think we've ever had the same award category two years in a row.

The goal is to be "fun and inclusive", and to poke a little fun at ourselves where we know it will be well-received.

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