A Dream

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Dee Miller36
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A Dream

Post by Dee Miller36 »

Hi my name is Dee and I am from Lancaster County Pennsylvania,
My Fiancee had a dream to build a beautiful boat. Ed bought the blueprints and was building a 26' Dory it is a beautiful masterpiece. I would say it is 75% completed. Than came that day when he was in a car accident that took his life. I would like feedback on the value of the Dory before I post it for sale what would be a reasonable $$ amount to ask for it. It needs engine's, some windows, gas tanks, and some things need bolted down. It has a place to sleep, cook, and sleep. The cabin also has air conditioning. He was a perfectionist which drove me crazy but now I miss it! I value all feedback!

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Re: A Dream

Post by Roberta »

Very saddened by your loss. I'm sure someone on the Forum will be able to help you with a suggested starting point. Possibly a Forum member may be interested. God bless you and keep the Faith.

Roberta :(
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Re: A Dream

Post by weller »

Wow I stopped in to see that boat a few years ago and he came to my house to see mine. I haven't heard from him for awhile and was wondering how close he was to finishing. Really sorry for your loss, I wish he could of finished his dream.
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Re: A Dream

Post by vupilot »

So sorry for your loss. What a nice job he has done! It can be tough to find the right person willing to purchase and finish another person's vision. My advice from having bought and sold a few homebuilt boats is to find the right person, the amount will be what it is, knowing it gets to a good home will make you feel better in the long run than the money. I hope for you someone here on the forum could be that person.

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