IMPORTANT You Add Your LOCATION to Your Profile

Here is where we get to welcome all new members.
New members please include your location - Other members close to you may be of great help in locating materials and other needs.

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IMPORTANT You Add Your LOCATION to Your Profile

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By adding your physical location to your profile (see instructions below), whenever you post a message to this Bulletin Board your location will appear next to your name. You will be amazed by how much more help you'll get when the other members know that you're near them.

(If you're uncomfortable listing your city, you may list your general location; i.e. "Northeast U.S., South of France, U.K., Northwest Territory, etc.).

In the upper right corner of this page, CLICK ON "User Control Panel"
Next, in the box labeled "Options" CLICK ON "Profile"
TYPE your location in the box labeled "Location"
CLICK ON "Submit"

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