Gday from Australia

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Gday from Australia

Post by hzchevy »

Gday, Im Brad from Melbourne, Australia. I was in need for a new project having built a few cars in the past so I decided a boat was in order. After much research I came across Glen-L. What an amazing website, I was hooked. Having never built a boat before I decided to purchase the very small Pee Wee plans (which have arrived) to see how I cope with this first.

So wish me luck.

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Re: Gday from Australia

Post by psychobilly »

G'Day Mate! PB here from Houston Texas. I'm over here at work right now and up in Darwin so I guess ya could say some of ya language has wore off on me. I spent most of my time off the North West Shelf in the O&G business. My best phrase over here is, "She looks a bit dodgy, be she'll be alright." But it's pronounced, "Sh~looks a bit dodgy, but sh~be right~" <<<how'd I do? 8)

There's a lot of good ole boyz (and gals) in here. There's a few from OZ as well. You'll find several here! Go to the misc threads as there has been lots of talk about the land down under from ya mates.


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Re: Gday from Australia

Post by Dave Grason »

Welcome to the forum. There is always room for more here.

The Pee Wee is built just like virtually all the other plank on frame boats. Therefore, you can certainly get a good idea of what will be involved before you build your classic mahogany speedboat.
Isn't it amazing!! The person that never has the fortitude to pursue his own dreams, will be the first to try and discourage you from pursuing yours.

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Re: Gday from Australia

Post by vupilot »


Im sure you are going to enjoy the build.

If you can please post pictures as you progress through the PeeWee build.

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