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Greetings from Abingdon, VA

I am building a Barrel Back 19. This is beginning the fifth year on this project. Have drive components installed and am in the throws of roughing in the wiring. The motor that I have installed is an old Mercruiser 120hp 4 cylinder. I found a manual for this and it is in route. I don't currently have a schematic so if someone can help in that regard it would be appreciated.
Went to the gathering last year and was impressed with Roberta's Bullet or Rocket or whatever it was called. I will definitely not drag my creation there to be compared to that beauty. If I ever build a second boat I might. I know what not to do now.
What to do in finishing the cockpit and deck is a total mystery to me. The instructions are lacking in that area. When I start on it I will have a lot of questions.
That's about it.

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Yes, the plans do taper off when it comes do deck and interior but that is also a blessing as it insures that no two boats are totally alike. We get to use that long lost artistry called imagination and combine our ideas with some from others done before you and it keeps the evolution of these beautiful craft going. Youll find lots of good ideas by cruising the "customer photos" section

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The Pilot's right. Most of us would not follow the interior plans anyway. So, what's the use? You'll get there!

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