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Post by P-Squirt »

We are student boat builders (thirth grade, and we are building our first boat, The Squirt!
We want to build in a jetski. The boat isn't 10' anymore. we had to add length in order to fit in the jetski we found.
we're somewhere at placing the skin on the boat. But you can find it all on our website.
We'll capture every step we take, and if you want you can follow us on the build.
We'll be uploading our thoughts and our opinions. Feel free to share yours on our website!

I hope that some of you can give some feedback on the project!

I'll update the blog next week!

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Re: Project-Squirt

Post by DSR »

Hi guys,

That is really great!

Building a Squirt will provide opportunities to learn not only woodworking skills, but a lot of other skills to boot, such as epoxy and fiberglass, fabrication, electrical, etc. (ESPECIALLY if you do it with jetski power). :D

Have fun with it and if you run into any issues or questions in the process, the Glen-L forum here is a wealth of knowledge and experience!

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