New member from SE Michigan

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New member from SE Michigan

Post by Chuck051 »

Hello everyone. My name is Chuck Adams. I live in the city of canton, in SE Michigan. I'm recently retired from the auto industry. I now have lots of time to spend on my lifelong favorite hobby, which is building and using watercraft of many types, sizes, purpose, and construction processes. My greatest appreciation is for old school design wooden boats. Nothing better than varnished mahagony gleaming in the sun. I have thoroughly enjoyed a long term involvement with racing boats of many types. I'm currently active with building and racing wood, radio controlled hulls.- very fun and fulfilling. These boats are new and old school, hydroplanes and mono hulls. 50 inches long, 25 in beam, 6hp gasoline engines, 15-20 lbs, 40-80 mph. Several clubs and race courses in SE Mi. I used to help build and race sailboats and yachts. Logged several thousand miles over many years. I guess the years, miles and back problems have limited the big boat racing at present, but it was all worthwhile .
I've decided to build a family heirloom to pass along to my son and grandson. Small, quick, and beautiful to look at is what's in mind. After lots of research, I've decided to build a TNT. I need to review the plans when they arrive, as this will answer some questions, and likely create more. I'm confident that the people and info available here will be a valuable resource. I have spent hours reading posts contained on this website. I'm very pleased with the info available so glad to be a member.
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Re: New member from SE Michigan

Post by TomB »

Welcome Chuck. Fine boat and always nice to learn of another MI builder. Tom
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Re: New member from SE Michigan

Post by DSR »

Welcome to the club Chuck!

It's always great to have another Michigander here, and building a TNT to boot? That's awesome!

If this keeps up we're going to have to do a gathering up here in the very near future. :D

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Re: New member from SE Michigan

Post by BarnacleMike »

Hi Chuck! Welcome aboard!
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Re: New member from SE Michigan

Post by JimmY »

Welcome, Chuck!
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Re: New member from SE Michigan

Post by PeterG »

Welcome aboard Chuck! You have come to the right place. There's lots of info and knowledgeable folks here to help with any questions, never hesitate to ask!
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