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Post by Matsully »

hi all please forgive my ineptness on a computer. My name is matsully .I live in Mira loma Ca. I have been racing and building flatbottom v drives all my life . Ijust ordered the TNTplans cuz I stumbled onto one of your members blogs building a tunnel jet that's somewhat overpowered and highly modified . My kind of people. Im on my way to Laughlin in 5 min ,but somehow I got logged on So hi all . By the way, my typing skills are very poor ,Im not 13 but 55

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Gayle Brantuk
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Re: Matsully

Post by Gayle Brantuk »

Welcome Matsully! I'm sure there are other folks who aren't computer and/or typing savvy either! It doesn't matter to us...

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Re: Matsully

Post by DSR »

Hi Matsully, welcome to the forum!

Another TNT build, and a jetski-powered one to boot! That's great!!
.... And by the way, don't mind the guy with the TNT jet tunnel hull. He's a couple beers shy of a six pack, but he's harmless for the most part....... :lol:

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