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New member.

Post by Garry »

Hi everyone. I am a new member from the Gold Coast Australia. My hopes and plans is to build a Riviera. The boats I have seen from this site are stunning and a great advertisement for the novice like myself.
I am reasonably handy with a saw and plane but my real skills are mechanical. I can build a nice engine and tune them.
I would love to hear from anyone who has been there and done that. Even got the "T" shirt.
If possible I would love to have a look and talk to someone before I get stuck in. Do my home work first.

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Re: New member.

Post by Roberta »

Welcome aboard!! Many fine builders "Down Under" and plenty of help on the Forum. Build on, ask away and post pictures!!

Roberta :D
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Re: New member.

Post by Hercdrvr »

You're qualified , step 1 is waiting for you. I used to restore cars for fun, now boating building is way more rewarding.
Have fun,
Matt B

Tony Hain
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Re: New member.

Post by Tony Hain »

Welcome to the site from another Aussie builder. You have Alan (ozzieboat) from Logan who is very approachable. For me it is the build not so much the having. It has been really rewarding. It has taken longer than I thought and cost more than I thought but worth the time and money.
Tony Hain
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Re: New member.

Post by Bill Edmundson »


I knew these great guys would be in soon!

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Re: New member.

Post by Pakleniis »


welcome, I am new member too.
I'm so glad I'm here!

ian bell
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Re: New member.

Post by ian bell »

Welcome Garry . I live at Chambers Flat and have built the Renegade , you are welcome to have a look at it. The only wood working skills I had was what I learned at a Tech High School . As Tony said check out Allan (ozzieboat) his boat has a Lexen in it.
Ian Bell

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