Not really new, just returned.

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AZ Alan
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Not really new, just returned.

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Years ago started thinking I could build my own boat. Three homes. And three kids later and I have decided to share my want and desire to build wood boats with my oldest daughter.14 next week.

Had Tuffy plans but recently decided to do the ""Tiny Might"" instead, after seeing a recent build out of the UK, using a jet ski propulsion unit and stretching the hull one foot.

When I am done, plan is to give "TinyJet" to my girl. Maybe by then , the family will want something all five us can ride in and enjoy!? Maybe a Ski King , with Ford 200-6 inline!!!

Hope to learn much about the hobby and my self. And if possible document and post up progress when it comes....
Thanks in advance, I will have questions, and know you all here have the knowledge!!

Be safe
AZ Alan

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Gayle Brantuk
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Re: Not really new, just returned.

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Welcome back, AZ Alan! I hope you involve your daughter in the build.

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Bill Edmundson
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Re: Not really new, just returned.

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Welcome back.

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