Newbie from Central New York (Syracuse, NY Area)

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Newbie from Central New York (Syracuse, NY Area)

Post by AndyPhillips »

Hi Everyone,

I've had a desire for some time to build my own boat. I at first was going to do a Barrelback 19 but since have decided to start with the Ski King 15. I am a high end cabinet maker/finish carpenter and want to use my God given skill to build a boat. I am so excited to work with the many curves, corners, and many other areas that may challenge me. I would like to run a v8 in it and have been reading alot about what I may need to do to make sure it fits. The Ski King I have been reading about stretched the distance between some of the frames to help accommodate a 283 and I welcome any other pointers as I start my project! I look forward to learning from all of you. Thanks for all the info you have submitted and taught me already!

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Re: Newbie from Central New York (Syracuse, NY Area)

Post by hoodman »

Welcome! We're here to help. Have fun!

Building a Geronimo......!

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Re: Newbie from Central New York (Syracuse, NY Area)

Post by galamb »

Welcome aboard.

Since I'm just north of Kingston, Ontario, accross the "pond" from you, I guess that makes you a "southerner" :)

Yes, Plywood is "real" wood :)

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Re: Newbie from Central New York (Syracuse, NY Area)

Post by gdcarpenter »

I too was a finish carpenter when I built my ZIP, and felt like I had to forget most everything I learned as a carpenter, as nothing is plumb, level, or square in a boat. The 283 should be a sweet engine. All the best.
This is my first, last and only boat build.

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Re: Newbie from Central New York (Syracuse, NY Area)

Post by Gayle Brantuk »

Welcome Andy! Glad to hear you're going to build a Ski King--that's a very classy boat... it was my dad's (Glen-L) personal boat in the 50's.

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