Need Information re: selling our Key West Hull

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Need Information re: selling our Key West Hull

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We are a family from Utah that inherited a fully crafted hull from the Key West Glen L Marine plans. This is a 22.9’ boat with plans for an optional inboard or outboard motor. We are not in a position to complete the project and are interested in selling the hull with plans and trailer and we are not sure how much we should list the project for. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Re: Need Information re: selling our Key West Hull

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We frequently get this question and don't really have a good answer for you. We don't sell boats, so we have no reference for pricing and an unfinished boat is a completely different market. You can post it in our "For Sale" section on this Forum as "make us an offer" and see what happens. Other than that, your guess would most likely be as good as the rest of us. The best to you...

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