Future Glenn L Builder Currently from Oxford/Wildwood, FLA

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Future Glenn L Builder Currently from Oxford/Wildwood, FLA

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Hello all. Like everyone here, I have a deep desire to build my own boat.

In my case, a 24' Water Lodge that I will modify to look like an old river Shantyboat.

Wes Modes, who back in 2014 built a 20 footer Water Lodge, uses his to run the rivers of America, with plans to some day take it over to run canals in the UK and France. He just used his to do a trip on the Ohio River as part of his "The Secret History of American River People" project in which he runs the rivers, stopping along the way to capture on video, the stories of people who live on and around rivers.

Wes only ran half the river, from Pittsburgh to Louisville. I intend to finally fulfill a long held desire of mine, run the entire length of the river.

I am originally from Ohio and have over the years, boated most of the Ohio.

I have been on boats since I was a young kid, I was learning to pilot a boat not long after I learned to pilot my own body by walking. In the years since I was that young kid, I have boated in a recreational manner in waters ranging from Ohio to the SE coast, homeported in Savannah, Ga north to Charleston to the north and Miami and the Keys to the south and thanks to time spent aboard big white boats and ships that red and blue slashes on their bows and big black letters that say: US COAST GUARD on their sides, I have been to many places by sea.

I have run boats from canoes, kayaks, john boats, to fiberglass runabouts, pontoons, high powered "Go Fasts" that seemed to break the speed of sound or at least make tons of it with their high powered engines, big cruisers and not too long, ago a 70' river going houseboat that we ran on the Ohio mostly between Cincinnati and Louisville.

Now, I want to go much smaller, in something I build in whole or in part with my own hands, set up in the way I want and make it my own unique boat that I can run the rivers, doing my own individual history program, using it in education programs, festivals and such around Cincinnati, Louisville and other river towns and cities of the mid-Ohio River valley.

I am back in Ohio for the summer and I had been thinking of what sort of boat I want to do my river trips and making my own shanty boat came to mind. That is how on an internet search, I came across Wes Modes' Ohio River trip.

Wes told me he had used Glen L plans to build his boat. If you go to the plans for Water Lodges, there is a photo of his boat.

I had thought that maybe I would buy one of several private paddlewheel boats that are on the market, but there are plenty of them actually and seeing the level of excitement and interest that Wes' boat, Dotty, got when he pulled into port, I decided for sure, this is the way I am going to go.

I am going to after this winter, for many reasons, going to "pull the plug" on life in Florida after this coming winter, sell my place and move back and when settled somewhere near Cincinnati, start the build when I get a place I can do such work.

I am just in the very early stages of this research and have yet to buy plans, related books and so on. I will do so when I get back to Florida soon.

Gonna let the worst of hurricane season pass before I turn south. Florida dodged not just a bullet, but a ten million pound bomb with Dorian, but sadly, our neighbors over in the Northern Bahamas, places I often stopped during my days in the Coast Guard, their world and lives will never be the same thanks to this monster storm. Say prayers for them. I found in my time over their, some of the most wonderful people you might want to meet, especially in the places like Abaco, away from the touristy places.

Well, I hope that I have not bored anyone with my long winded, "Let me introduce myself." I do look forward to posting questions once I get more into this, hopefully not ones too stupid or whatever. I have to say, I am not so proficient when it comes to my carpentry and woodworking skills, but I am learning how to do some blacksmithing.

Peace all!

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Re: Future Glenn L Builder Currently from Oxford/Wildwood, FLA

Post by Gayle Brantuk »

What an interesting story, Mike! It sounds like you have some wonderful plans. You can probably use your blacksmithing skills for some cool features on your Waterlodge! My husband really likes to watch "Forged in Fire" and I sometimes watch as well and it's very interesting. I'm glad you've joined our Forum!

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