New member from Twin Cities, Minnesota

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New member from Twin Cities, Minnesota

Post by brockj »

Hello all!

I am new a member to the forum. I have always had an affinity towards wooden boats (as well as older cars, outboards, etc), but have been hesitant to take the leap into owning one due to the challenges with maintaining old wooden boats. Then I started looking into a cedar strip canoe, but with having a smaller home and a wife who likes parking in the garage I knew I was limited. Then I stumbled upon the Squirt. Classic wooden boat looks, something I can build in my unfinished basement. I have already ordered and read Boatbuilding with Plywood, and am about to place an order for the Squirt plans. Just trying to make sure I understand everything before I jump into a project that might be over my head. I have been doing a lot of research, following through entire build posts on the forum trying to get a handle on what I am about to get myself into. I look forward to asking a lot of questions that have already been answered one hundred times!

- Joe

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Re: New member from Twin Cities, Minnesota

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Welcome! Sticking a toe in is a big leap but once you've committed it is highly enjoyable.

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Re: New member from Twin Cities, Minnesota

Post by JimmY »

Hi Joe,

Sounds like you are doing it right, by doing some research and studying up front. Plenty of Squirt builders here on the forum to hep you along.

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Re: New member from Twin Cities, Minnesota

Post by twier »


I am 2/3 through the build of a Zip and live in Plymouth MN. Feel free to contact me if you get stuck on something.

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Re: New member from Twin Cities, Minnesota

Post by CarlM »

It's looking good Joe ! Keep it up and you will have a Boat.

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