Glen-L Inspired Solar Electric Catamaran

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Glen-L Inspired Solar Electric Catamaran

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Okay I am from Westlock, Alberta, Canada. My Solar Electric Catamaran a 1964 Bill O'Brien Bobcat 27' x 14.5' and 5600 lbs of double sheathed plywood, stringers and epoxy/fiberglass. During the initial outfitting I seriously considered the Glen L Electric design for powering the boat. Really amazing looking back today to see how far I actually came with the project and how far I have to go still after using it for five years. ... eoS1XlLYww

Last January 15, 2020 saw a metal encrusted beam come down the Fraser River and put a hole in the starboard side of the hull at the water line. The damage report is minimal and I feel strongly that I can fix it properly and get her back in the water. Either way the boat looked after herself and it was time to come out of the water.

Now that we have her in the boat yard we really want to tackle repairing the hull first and secondly building a wheelhouse and enclosed cockpit. So that is what brings me here. Looking for some advice on how to build a proper wheelhouse the full width of the cabin roof and have it extend back over the cockpit. The roof will be used to mount new solar panels properly so it should be slightly angled aft with a water catchment system draining to the starboard side via an outlet to the galley.

I struggle with the concept of doors and windows in the final product. Honestly I struggle with all of the project. I would like to start at the point in the cabin where it is highest in the middle of the boat and work backwards. The cockpit railing seems to line up pretty darn straight to the outside of the cabin. For doors and widows I simply envision the doors constructed of plywood opening upwards with hinges so that the doors can be secured to the roof when fishing or docking. The same for the windows. Going to post some pictures of the project including another identical Bobcat that had a smaller wheel house put on. Those plans come from this restoration but the entire site does give you some idea of the bones I am working with. In our case though the boat was almost completely redone with epoxy fillets and fiberglass throughout.
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