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New new member - Glen-L 21 sailboat

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Hello - Years ago I started building a Glen-L 21 sailboat using Glen-L 21plans which I had purchased. I had finished all the frames (except for smaller bow frame), finished the centerboard trunk (including fiberglassing its interior surfaces).

Used all clear white oak boards, 3/8” 5 ply marine plywood, U.S. Plywood Corp. Resorcinol Marine Glue, silicon bronze ring nails and stainless steel bolts, fiber nuts and washers and had made a template for the centerboard. The project had come to the point of next needing to become three dimensional, with the frames set up on a building buck, taking up the garage area. At that point my plans changed and I bought a fiberglass Flying Scot sailboat and went sailing. The Glenn-L 21 sailboat project (with plans) has been carefully stored in our basement ever since.

Question: Is there any possible interested party who might have interest in taking over the project. I can’t bear throwing it out with all the good work and time I had put into it but it has become time to clear it out of our basement.

Any interest expressed would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

- Bill Doolittle

4505 W. Loch Alpine Dr.
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

(313) 460-8358

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