New member from Peoria Illinois

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New member from Peoria Illinois

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I’m a first time builder considering the Little hunky dory stretched to twenty feet. I like the looks ,size and feel it should be one of the easier boat design to build for my first build. I think I’m ok with the flat bottom and used to running flat bottom boats on the Illinois river. I’m hoping to be able to trailer the boat to Ontario to fish lakes such as Lac Suel. I feel the size is right but am concerned that if I run a tiller 50 horse will I have any trouble seeing over the raised bow? That’s my primary question. Second question : While I’m not too concerned about speed , will I regret having to slow down because of the flat bottom when it gets a little rough.

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Re: New member from Peoria Illinois

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Welcome! You'll have to slow down in rough conditions in most Glen-L boats. I think you'll enjoy the boat very much for the waters you mention.

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Re: New member from Peoria Illinois

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I think there's a few "go fast" boats on the Illinois so those are your biggest concerns. Just remember to keep the bow up on wakes.
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