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Bow Sprit Attachment Questions

Posted: Mon Aug 13, 2012 12:14 pm
by mmorasci
I have a Bowsprit designed into my sailplan for BooBooToo (an Ultra Pierre under construction). While I'm working on paint and engine and wiring ......, and getting ready for the upcomming initial launch, I am also trying to work out the rigging details and trying to project upcomming work in the sailplan. One thing that has me a bit perplexed is the hardware for the Bowsprit attachment (I've never used or really looked at a bowsprit arrangement in any detail before). The Bowsprit will by necessity be removable (for trailering) and I have read that it is generally desirable to avoid turnbuckles if possible (not sure any explanations were given). I have a fitting (sorry I am not up on all the proper names of sail hardware and fittings :? ) on the end of the Bowsprit that I can attach the Wisker and Bob Stay's too (as well as the Fore Stay) but the question really comes down to what do the fittings look like at the other end of the Wisker Stays? Most all of the hardware on the boat is galvanized steel (going for a workboat type finish) so making more fittings is not an issue. I'll likely screw something through the rub rails into the shear for attaching the Wisker Stays but I don't remember seeing just what that fitting looks like or how to design it for a quick dissconnect if I don't imploy turnbuckles somewhere in the plan.

Any Ideas? I haven't found much on-line (or in any of my books) to look at and was hoping someone here might be willing to share their knowledge with me :).

I am also considering whether to run chain to the dolphin striker then cable to the Bowsprit, or if I should go cable all the way. Does any have any input as to which maight be better? That brings up another question I have not seen before, is how is the attachment to the dolphin striker made (regardless of which way I go with the cahin/cable)?

I am doing a mock up of the bowsprit now to work out some geometry issuse and I forgot to get pictures, sorry. I will add some of the prototype arrangement in a day or so as I have time.

Thanks for letting me ramble and know that I appreciate all the feedback this forum offers.

Mike Morasci

Re: Bow Sprit Attachment Questions

Posted: Tue Aug 14, 2012 5:50 am
by mmorasci
Here is a recent pic of the prototype Bowsprit for BooBooToo. Just some electrical wire and a 2x4, so I can work out some details while I'm looking for the right piece of timber. The overall length is 5 1/2 feet with just about 2 1/2 Feet of overhang past the stem head. I am needing to work out a few details as mentioned in my earlier post. In addition to the previous inquiries, I ran across some references to spreaders on the wisker stays. Are they functioning like a dolphin striker to change the force vector or is there another purpose for them thet I am missing?

While most of the books I have give a fairly good reference to rigging in general, there is little detail on the hardware specifically. Does anyone have a good reference book suggestion (or two) that shows the hardware in detail?


Mike Morasci