Glen l 15 sail area question.

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Glen l 15 sail area question.

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So long story short, at the local insurance salvage yard there is a 3 year old Catalina 16.5 that was hit by a car. The damage is not that bad, but we'll past worth fixing. The thing is the rigging and sails are in perfect shape. It can be bought for about 1400. Could a Glen l 15 handle that much sail? It's 150 sqft total vs the 114 of the gl15.

I know that's adding a lot of sail area and I could take them too a sail maker too have them cut down. That kind of kills the cost savings by buying the boat.

I know i would have too beef things up, that's not big deal, but I am really concerned about it being way over powered.

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Re: Glen l 15 sail area question.

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Take a reef.

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Re: Glen l 15 sail area question.

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I agree with Bill. Just because you have that sail area doesn't mean you need to use it all, all of the time. Like having a 100hp motor doesn't mean you're going to use 100hp all the time.

It sounds like a good opportunity.

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