Tango centerboard?

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Tango centerboard?

Post by migratingcoconut »

Hi, I'm building a Tango, and have the transom and four frame pieces done. I'm starting on the centerboard trunk. I haven't yet assembled anything on the building frame.
I'm just anticipating the next steps wondering where am I going to get a centerboard? Anybody have any suggestions on where to get one? I live in the Tampa Fl area.

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Re: Tango centerboard?

Post by JimmY »

Isn't the centerboard built up (plywood and lumber)?
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Re: Tango centerboard?

Post by dbischa »

On the Glen-L website under the additional specifications and photos page it lists the ballast weight as 1" steel CB.

I got a 300 mm x 300 mm x 6 mm steel plate (that I encased inside my centreboard of my Glen-L 13) fabricated from a general steel fabricators. Surely you can just ring around your local area?

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