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Fancy Free

Posted: Sun May 17, 2020 8:24 am
by Eric-Fai
Hello to the builder enthusiast here.

I have been studying another set of plans and have come up with a question for ones who may have built the Fancy Free.

It states that you can use up to a 4 hp motor on the craft, which is sitting in a enclosed well, that has a trap door. I would like to hear about more details about this set up. Is this trap door closed to the hull bottom while under sail, drag reasons. And if so has anyone converted this area for use of an electric drive? I am thinking of something that one can raise an lower to eliminate as much drag as possible while under sail. The plans for the craft is for use on large inland lakes in the Upstate Region of South Carolina. (Note: there will be a learning curve on sailing a gaff rig).

Thanks for the info. Looking forward to pulling the trigger in early 2021. I had to redesigned my shop build to accommodate a bit larger craft, which included a way to roll the hull. I like to plan ahead for my projects. My 1st study plan set was the Glen-L 17, not sure if I would be happy with that in the long run.