The most fun with a 7.5 HP outboard at low cost?

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The most fun with a 7.5 HP outboard at low cost?

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I just happen to have a good-running 1970s Mercury short shaft outboard left over after selling my Catalina 22. So I'm thinking of what to do with it. I already have another sailboat (a Stevenson Skipjack built by yours truly). Even if I wanted to power it (I don't) the Mercury is too much motor for it. So I'm thinking of something along the lines of a Mini Max, Tiny Titan, XP8, J Class Runabout or Picklefork. But some of these specific designs are rated for max 5 HP, and others would be better with a larger motor.

Other desired criteria are low build cost, fast build and the ability to transport by sliding into the back of my pickup truck (full size 8 FT bed). It can hang out the back up to four feet but then it might be too heavy to manhandle in and out of the truck bed.

I'm about 215 pounds of middle-aged lard ass. Whatever I build I want to be able to get up on plane with me at the controls using the 7.5 HP Mercury. 20+mph top speed would be nice. Note also that the motor has tiller style control. The local lakes might be too rough for a tiny hydroplane. (Think Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish, western Washington State.)

What would you all suggest to me for a build candidate?

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