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Glen-L 13 plans available in stitch & glue?

Posted: Sun Apr 25, 2021 9:44 pm
by escortsaffair
With the availability of new computer design software,I was wondering if the Glen-L 13 has been or could be produced for s&g construction which would make it an awful lot more attractive for new builders.

Also,could someone tell me how well she sails.I am not familliar with catboats & am not sure if I might be dissappointed with how well they sail compared to say a sharpie skiff or other narrower hull shape.

I like the shape of the 13 & she looks to be a very stable & roomy boat,but at what cost to performance?...can she break out & plane in a stiff breaze for example?


Al Burke.

Re: Glen-L 13 plans available in stitch & glue?

Posted: Tue Apr 27, 2021 5:21 pm
by hoodman
IMO there's nothing inherently easier or more appealing about s&g over plywood on frame. It's just a different method. Converting the Glen-l 13 to s&g would likely change the shape of the boat quite a bit. There is the Bull's Eye ... ducts/429/ which is designed for s&g, however, I agree with you the 13 looks really good. It does look like a displacement hull to me. If you look at the pictures it curves up quite a bit at the aft end.