Tim's Monaco Launch - videos

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Tim Major
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Tim's Monaco Launch - videos

Post by Tim Major »

Gidday All

Have now a couple of videos to share, hope you enjoy !



fergal butler
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Re: Tim's Monaco Launch - videos

Post by fergal butler »

She looks and sounds great, congrats be proud and enjoy. It's a shame we have to go around looking like a cheshire cat :mrgreen: after a launch but it will calm down after a year or two to just a permanent grin :)



Re: Tim's Monaco Launch - videos

Post by upspirate »


Beautiful build and great video! An inspiration to others to come.
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Re: Tim's Monaco Launch - videos

Post by Trackhappy »

Wow! Picture perfect textbook launch. Brought tears to my eyes. Congratulations Tim. :D :D :D :D
Now, if Jamie and me get our "A's" into "G" we might have 3 boats for a gathering. :wink:

Jamie has his work cut out for him though, 6 days work a week and 1 day for family and boat. His lovely Wife was very supportive though. :)
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Re: Tim's Monaco Launch - videos

Post by slug »

Tim; Absolutely inspiring!!! I think the only thing I can say about it is PERFECT! You have done a superb job, and well deserve that grin.
Thanks for the videos too.


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Re: Tim's Monaco Launch - videos

Post by Roberta »

Congrats!!! It's BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Roberta :D :D :D :D :D :D
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Re: Tim's Monaco Launch - videos

Post by khundley »

Great videos of a great boat. Looks like it gets up to speed nicely! Wonderful job!
Ken Hundley

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billy c
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Re: Tim's Monaco Launch - videos

Post by billy c »

Welcome to the launching ramp Tim!
Congratulations on a beautifully crafted masterpiece!
may the cheshire cat grin never go away :mrgreen:
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Re: Tim's Monaco Launch - videos

Post by vettepilot »

AWESOME .....Well Done :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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Re: Tim's Monaco Launch - videos

Post by jamundsen »

Just finally got around to watching the videos. A great launch. Now its time for fun and a gathering. :D
John Amundsen
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Re: Tim's Monaco Launch - videos

Post by Z_Wood »

WOW... BEAUTIFUL!!! Congratulations ....

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Re: Tim's Monaco Launch - videos

Post by Iggy »

Inspiring! She looks and sounds fantastic.

Its amazing to see launches from the other side of this big blue marble. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Give me 4 or 5 more months for my lakes to thaw out and I will be doing the same thing.
Ian (aka Iggy)
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Re: Tim's Monaco Launch - videos

Post by jeffh »

Tim, congratulations! I really like the way she moves through the water. I see so many classics that have such a bow-up attitude that you have to stand or sit on the seat back to see where you are going. Your boat/the Monaco has a really nice ride and it sounds great. Both videos are now in my youtube favorites list.
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