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Sea-Goose: Stevenson Super Skipjack

Posted: Mon Jun 25, 2012 8:37 pm
by dleach
Well, a month and a half of building, and a month of waiting for the state to process tax papers, and there's a sea-trial!
Gorgeous day! A little windy, and we almost called it off because it was blowing 10-15kts (it felt like pretty constant gusts of 20 at the boat ramp!).
3-1/2 hours of sailing. Luckily, we did put reef-points in the sails, and eventually we put up the main. She performed pretty well in the 3' waves, and only dunked her bowsprit once.
Alas, the bamboo spars were great until we pulled the stays' eyebolt through the mast, and the rudder's gudgeon pulled out of the transom block on our approach to the dock (about 15' away).

All in all, a very good day, and a bit of work to get her ready to go out again... well as soon as the wind dies down a little bit.