Barra's Zip "Helen" Launched

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Re: Barra's Zip "Helen" Launched

Post by Mojo »

Well done mate, Looking forward to hear what speeds you get from the 50hp. I guess you've still got another few hours to put on the clock until you can have a burst of full throttle.

Boat looks brilliant.


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Re: Barra's Zip "Helen" Launched

Post by Barra »

Thanks Mojo. Still need to get a few more hours on it below 3000rpm but must admit I did give it full throttle for just a bit.. 30+ on the phone gps and need a bigger prop.

Proper trials to come...

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Re: Barra's Zip "Helen" Launched

Post by Gayle Brantuk »

Congratulations, Barra. Beautiful boat!
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Re: Barra's Zip "Helen" Launched

Post by travis24 »

Another Zip hits the water ! Now the real fun will start. I'm certain you're 1st mate will have a lot of fun in it. :D

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