Biss's Malahini Launch

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Biss's Malahini Launch

Post by Biss »

After a year of construction, we launched our Malahini the "Jamie Lou" on July 8, 2019 in Hot Springs, Arkansas at Lake Catherine. I couldn't have asked for a better launch! Really proud of how the boat turned out and was really pleased with the overall performance. Below is a link to a video of our launch and first day on the lake. Also below is a link to the thread that details the entire build.

Build Thread:
Launch Video:!AjPT3IwhkYDYjk_FzAa4zW3_VcwD
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Re: Biss's Malahini Launch

Post by Ibrew2be »

Biss, all I can say is, you really hit it out of the park. And then some. Such a great build and beautiful boat. I'd also echo what Matt B said in a separate post a few days ago. It sure would be great if you could be at the gathering in Tennessee this year.

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Re: Biss's Malahini Launch

Post by DrBryanJ »

Biss: Great boat. Congrates. Looks like she rides smoothly.

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Re: Biss's Malahini Launch

Post by JimmY »

Nice video, you should be very proud.

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Re: Biss's Malahini Launch

Post by Milhouse »

Biss - Thanks for the video! looks great on the water!
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Re: Biss's Malahini Launch

Post by PeterG »

Excellent! Looks and runs awesome! Have lots of fun :D
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Re: Biss's Malahini Launch

Post by Hercdrvr »

What are you going to build next?
Matt B

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Re: Biss's Malahini Launch

Post by CarlM »

Looks absolutely gorgeous. I like the painted hull, i am toying with that idea on my gentry. Love the video too. Looks like you have a great summer ahead of you........Carl

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Re: Biss's Malahini Launch

Post by Biss »

Thank you for the compliments! So we are thinking about the gathering; just not sure we can fit it in this year. We'll see.

What will I build next...I think I'm going to finish my 20x30 addition to the shop. Poured a slab last summer, just need to build the addition. I plan to make it into a proper woodworking shop! As far as the next boat, not sure. I might build a paddle boat for my pond. There is also a old Vera Cruise for sale locally that would make a really nice restoration project...

Matt, we went to Degray yesterday afternoon. It was pretty choppy; lots of boats and the wind was up. Fun for the girls on the tube, but made for a rough ride in the Malahini! We have camped at the park several times over the years but never spent much time on the actual water. I'm sure we'll try it again, now that we have a boat. Our 'home' lake is Catherine, so we will likely spend alot of our boating time there. Next time you are over this way give us a shout.


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